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YouScienceWorthington Kilbourne High School has partnered with YouScience to provide all students with a free aptitude and interest assessment.  Your aptitudes are what you are naturally good at - those skills and talents that are uniquely yours.  The assessment consists of 11 "brain games" which each range from 4-15 minutes in length.  Please note that while students can stop and save their progress at any time in-between tests, once a "brain game" test has started that individual session needs to be completed.  If someone were to complete all 11 "brain game" tests in a row, the whole assessment would take about an hour and a half to complete.

Want to learn more about why you'd take the time to participate in the YouScience assessment?  Check out this introductory video.

After you complete the entire 11 "brain games" that make up the YouScience assessment it will take about 24 hours to receive your results.  As you go through your results there will be a wealth of information available to you.  In the downloadable files you will find out information about the different aptitudes and how it impacts your daily life - what makes some things easier and more difficult for you.  There will also be career information about what types of careers are best fits for you based upon your aptitudes, based upon your interests, and based upon a combination of both your aptitudes and your interests.  The YouScience website has detailed career based information including job growth expectations, a day-in-the-life of someone in that career, and educational requirements for the career.

Ready to get started?  Stop and see your counselor (or send her an email) and we will give you an activation code to allow you to take the assessment.

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