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Students who are interested in a different learning environment within Worthington schools can consider the Worthington Academy as an option.  Worthington Academy is designed to provide students with a half-day program that implements a blended learning approach.  Students work online on their classes with the support of the Academy teachers to move through their courses.  This allows students to move faster on the content areas that they know well and feel confident in and then to have the flexibility to move slower and seek additional support on areas of content that they do not understand as well.

This video contains information and highlights about the Worthington Academy program.

Students will be assigned a session and the other half of their day will continue at WKHS.  The morning session runs from 7:45-10:45 and the afternoon session is from 11:30 - 2:30.

The Worthington Academy is located at 2341 Snouffer Rd., Worthington, OH on the campus of Phoenix Middle School.  For more information about the Academy, please visit their website.

Students who would like to apply for admission into the Worthington Academy must work with their school counselor to complete the initial application and then students should also complete the student application questionnaire.

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