• Top 10 List for Freshmen Success

Top 10 List for Freshman Success

SuccessFailureHigh school can seem intimidating at first, but students can achieve success by following these 10 tips.

1. Get involved.  Join a club or sport.  Attend extra-curricular events.

2. Seek help when needed and ask questions.  Teachers are not the enemy.

3. Meet and visit with your counselor.  Counselors are good for more than schedule changes.  We want to get to know you!

4. Use a plan book or other organizational tool.  In high school, you will have lots of responsibilities.  Use a plan book to organize your time, events, and workload.

5. Get sleep.  WKHS starts school at 7:45am.  This is an hour earlier than middle school.

6. Take notes and use those notes to study for classes.  Teachers expect more independent work from students in high school.  Your notes will be your connection to understanding the coursework and part of your preparation for exams.

7. Keep your material (notes, books, papers) organized.  You will have 5-7 classes with different expectations and different information.  Lost information means wrong answers on exams.  Lost assignments mean zero credit for work.  Lots of missed work and low exams scores equals failing a class, no credit for that class, and a repeat of the class.

8. Have fun and make new friends.  You are now in a building of 1200 students.  It is a great time to meet and develop friendships with students who have the same passion, interests, and likes as you.

9. Be sure to bookmark and visit www.wkhscounselors.com regularly for information and resources to help you throughout high school.

10. Learn to manage your time.  â€œIf you have goals and procrastination, you have nothing.  If you have goals and you take action, you will have anything you want.” – Thomas J. Vilord

Enjoy your time at WKHS!  It is a time to learn, grow and be you!

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