• Secondary Tutor List

Secondary Tutor List

SecondaryTutorListThe district provides a list of tutors as a service to the students and parents of our district.  These tutors are community people who are willing to tutor Worthington students after school, on weekends and during the summer.  They include teachers (current and retired), out-of-state teachers new to the district, college students, etc. Some are not currently certified in Ohio, but have offered their tutoring services because of previous employment or anticipated employment as teachers.  This tutor list is accessible by contacting the district office at 614-450-6000 or by contacting your student's school counselor.

These tutors have not been screened or endorsed by the Worthington Schools (except for those who are Worthington teachers).  Parents are encouraged to ask questions about teaching experience, background, references, cost, etc.  These tutors are not employed by the Worthington schools.  Parents will enter into contract with the tutor. If you have any concerns, call the Worthington Educational Center at 450-6000.


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