• Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

class scheduleSchedule changes are limited by the confines of the master schedule. No teacher requests will be authorized.

Please refer to the individual pages below for forms that must be completed to request any changes to your schedule.

Adding or changing a class:

Students looking to add a new class to their schedule or to drop a class and add a different course in it's place have the first three days of a semester in order to add into a class.  This form should be completed and after obtaining all required signatures returned to your counselor.  Please note that no teacher changes will be authorized.

Dropping a class:

Students can drop a class without it being reflected on their transcript within the first 6 weeks of the semester.  After 6 weeks, any dropped class will be noted on the transcript with an "F" reported for the grade.

To drop a class, please complete the Course Drop Request Form and return it to your counselor with all required signatures.

Reduced courseload request:

Any student requesting to drop below the recommended course load of 6 classes for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors and 5 classes for Seniors must complete a Reduced Course Load Request Form.  Please be aware that students must take and pass at least 5 half credit classes in order to be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities.

Level change form:

On occasion throughout the year teachers will recommend students change levels of courses.  For example a student who is struggling in an honors class may decide, in consultation with his/ her parents and teacher, that changing to a regular course would be the best decision.  In order to help facilitate level change requests, students must complete the Level Change Request Form and submit it to their counselor.  Completed forms include signatures of approval from the parents, the current teacher and the teacher of the class the student will be taking once the level change request has been processed.

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