College Representatives Visit WKHS

Pennant Bulletin BoardEach year college admissions representatives travel to high schools across the nation in order to visit with students interested in attending their schools. Annually, about 150 various colleges’ admissions officers visit Worthington Kilbourne, mostly during the early fall, to meet with our students. This is a convenient opportunity to garner information about specific colleges and make a face-to-face contact with a representative from the school.

While a meeting with a representative cannot replace the actual experience of walking on campus, seeing the people, and experiencing the classes, it can be an important piece of your information gathering process. And, because visiting schools might not be possible until after you have applied to the colleges, this may provide your best view of the school. Possibly even more important, you are expressing your interest and desire to attend their college! The admissions representatives who are traveling to the schools keep track of who they see. Many colleges can go back and tell you exactly how many times a student has come to tour campus, contacted the admissions office, or had an official interaction with a representative of the school. You never really know what can make a difference so if you are able to attend a meeting with a representative, it can only help you.

A list of the upcoming college visits is posted in the calendar under Upcoming Events so that you can see which schools are coming to WKHS.  The majority of these visits take place in the fall.  You can stop by the Counseling and Career Center to sign up for any of the visits that interest you.  

Juniors and Seniors have unlimited opportunities to attend these sessions. Please be reasonable though. If a visit is scheduled during a time when you have class, you MUST get your teacher’s approval in advance of attending the information session. You are responsible for all missed work and teachers are not supposed to excuse you from tests, quizzes, or labs. 

Freshmen and Sophomores are also invited to attend the sessions with the college representatives, but are limited to participating in the visits during your lunch or Academic Prep periods. 

These are great opportunities to talk directly with the college admissions representatives so please take advantage of their visits.

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