Parent/ Teacher Conference Topics

ParentTeacherConferencesMaking the most of parent/ teacher conferences is important to helping students to achieve the highest levels of success in the classroom and beyond.  Conferences provide a great opportunity for parents and teachers to partner together to work as a team in support of the student.  Sometimes it is beneficial for the child to attend the conference so they can also participate as a vital part of the conversation.  Prior to the conference it can be helpful to have alist of information you, as a parent, want to be able to share with the teacher along with any specific questions or concerns you might have.  You can also ask your son/ daughter if there is anything that you should ask about during the conference.

Here are some additional topics and questions you might want to address as a part of the conference:

  • Does my child ask questions, volunteer answers and participate in class discussions?
  • Does my child seem organized?  Does he/ she come to class prepared?
  • Is my child's homework completed thoroughly, accurately and on time?
  • Is my child working up to his/ her potential?
  • Is this class appropriate for my child's ability level?
  • What classes would you recommend my child consider in this subject area next year?
  • Does my child use class time wisely?
  • How is my child's attendance - is he/she showing up every day on time?
  • Does my child pay attention in class?
  • Is my child respectful and courteous to teachers and classmates?
  • Does my child appear to get along well with the other students?
  • What are my child's strengths?
  • What does my child need to work on (weaknesses)?
  • What advice do you have to help my child maximize his/ her success in this class?

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