Searching for Scholarships

CollegeMoneyScholarships are available at the community, state, or even national level. You can always start with a general search, but there are also many scholarship search engines that you can use as a resource. With so many different scholarships, it can feel a bit daunting, but remember, if you are able to earn one of the scholarships, your time would certainly be worth the effort. Here is a sample simple spreadsheet you can use to help stay organized with the scholarship search and application process.

Here are a few of the scholarship search sites that might help you:

Also, remember that any scholarship that we have been notified of has been posted on the Scholarship section of the WKHS Counselor website homepage so that you can easily access all of the applications we have available.

There are also scholarship apps that are available for download.  Below are a few examples:

  • SAIL- .99
  • free
  • Scholly- .99
  • Scholarship Advisor- free

Never pay for a scholarship! Scholarships are meant to give you money – not the other way around so if they are asking you to send money, then it is a scam. See www.finaid.rg/scholarships/scams.phtml for advice on avoiding scholarship scams.

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