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Lexi 1Meet Lexington (better known as Lexi) who is at WKHS on a daily basis as our school's therapy dog.

“Lexi” is a miniature goldendoodle.  She is a no-shed, hypoallergenic dog. This means she is unlikely to cause a reaction for those with allergies to dogs.

Lexi completed her Therapy Dog Certification through Therapy Dogs International. She has taken (and continues to take) classes including: puppy class, introductory obedience class, advanced beginners obedience class, canine good citizen class, and therapy dog class. She has earned her Canine Good Citizen title and her Community Canine (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) title in addition to her therapy dog certification.

Lexi is primarily in the counseling center, but teachers also have the option of inviting Lexi to come to their classes. In the school, Lexi can serve as a motivator, a comforting presence, or a non-judgmental listener. For example, students working on mastering a new language may practice speaking to Lexi or she can help calm students prior to tests or exams.

There has been significant research about the benefits of therapy dogs including:

  •          Decreasing blood pressure
  •          Releasing endorphins that have a calming effect
  •          Lifting spirits and lessening depression
  •          Decreasing feelings of isolation, alienation and loneliness
  •          Decreasing anxiety
  •          Encouraging communication and socialization
  •          Providing comfort
  •          Reducing boredom
  •          Helping overcome speech and emotional disorders
  •          Enhancing motivation
  •          Helping improve focus
  •          Improving literacy skills
  •          Providing non-stressful, non-judgmental environment
  •          Increasing self-confidence and reducing self-consciousness

Lexi lives with one of our counselors, Brianna Abbott. Miss Abbott is responsible for Lexi’s care needs. Lexi is bathed regularly and is up to date on all vaccinations. She receives her veterinary care at the Powell Vet Clinic.

Lexi 2

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