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Remind - Text Messaging

Message ReceivedRecognizing that COVID has impacted everything and that “normal” isn’t our current reality, the WKHS Counselors are working to implement effective ways for student/ counselor communication. We have a limited ability to send passes to call for students. To accommodate this challenge, we have transitioned to using Remind for student/ counselor text messaging.

Students can sign up by sending a text to 81010 with the appropriate code for their school counselor and their graduation class:

  Miss Abbott   Mrs. Schnell   Mrs. Mann Mrs. Lord 
Class of 2022   @2022Abbott  @22Schnell @2022EMann  @2022Lord  
Class of 2023 @2023Abbott @23Schnell @2023EMann @2023Lord 
Class of 2024 @2024Abbott  @24Schnell @2024EMann @2024Lord 
Class of 2025  @2025Abbott  @25Schnell @2025EMann


If students are unable to send or receive text messages, please email your school counselor so that she knows to continue coordinating your communication through email instead.

Please note, this is NOT an actual phone number so while we can receive text messages through this account, we cannot receive phone calls and text messages will only be responded to during school hours.

So, how does this work? As students return to the building, the Remind texts will serve as the communication method between student and counselor. For example, your counselor may send you a text message through Remind to let you know that she would like to see you or you can text your counselor through the Remind App to let her know that you want to meet and she can respond to say if it is ok to stop down at that time or schedule a different time to see you.

You can use Remind, Calendly or emails to arrange times to meet with your counselor.

It is free for you to sign up for this, but regular text messaging rates apply through your phone company.

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