9th Grade Checklist

Freshmen students should follow this checklist to help prepare for success in both high school and college.

- Develop good study habits.

- Get off to a strong start with your grades. The grades you earn in ninth grade will be included in your final school transcript and grade point average (GPA).

- Get involved in extracurricular activities (both school & non-school sponsored).

- Visit the Counseling and Career Center and introduce yourself to your counselor.

- Access and use the WKHS counselor website regularly.

- Consider taking the Pre-ACT and/or the PSAT.

- Explore your interests and possible careers. Take advantage of the Ohio Means Jobs K-12 website highlighted in the career section of this website.

- Complete YouScience assessment.

- Look at college information to begin exploring what aspects most interest you.

- Visit relatives or friends who live on or near college campuses. Check out the dorms, go to the library or student center, and get a feel for college life.

- Investigate summer enrichment programs. Visit the Counseling and Career Center or the Summer Programs section on the website for some ideas about opportunities available.

- Update your Resume/ Interests information with freshman year activities.

- Update your 4 year academic plan.

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