10th Grade Checklist

Sophomores should be doing the following to prepare for high school and college success:

- Keep your grades up so you can have the highest GPA possible.

- Visit the Counseling and Career Center and introduce yourself to your counselor.

- Access and use the WKHS counselor website regularly.

- The people who read college applications are looking for more than just good grades. Get involved in activities outside of the classroom. Work toward leadership positions in the activities that you like best. Become involved in community service and other volunteer activities.

- Consider taking the Pre-ACT and/or PSAT tests.

- Attend the Columbus Suburban College Fair in October.

- Explore the options available through the Delaware Area Career Center to explore opportunities available for your junior and senior years.

- Be certain you are fulfilling all course requirements to graduate.

- Ask your counselor about College Credit Plus options (attending college while in high school) and AP or IB courses.

- Continue to explore your interests and careers that you might like. You can utilize the Ohio Means Jobs K-12 website to assist in this exploration.

- Complete YouScience and begin to explore possible careers of interest.

- Begin zeroing in on the type of college you would prefer (two-year or four-year, small or large, rural or urban).

- Begin to research some college choices.

- Update your Resume/ Interests information with Sophomore year activities.

- Update your 4 year academic plan.

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