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Students at Worthington Kilbourne High School have the option of attending the Delaware Area Career Center.  The Delaware Area Career Center provides a range of programs for sophomores, juniors and seniors.  In addition to the main campus of the Delaware Area Career Center several programs are held at other locations.  For example, Zoo School meets at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the equine program meets at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

Information about the programs available at the Delaware Area Career Center can be found in the WKHS Counseling and Career Center or at the Delaware Area Career Center's website.

Representatives from the Delaware Area Career Center present annually to all Sophomore students in the fall and then students will have the option of participating in a field trip to visit the labs and explore the programs first-hand during a field trip later in the fall.  The field trip will take place on Friday, November 17th.  Field trip permission slips and the DACC Sophomore Visit Interest form must be completed and returned by October 20th.

Introductory Video from DACC

Walk through video to introduce how to use features of DACC Virtual Tour and accessing the application.

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Application  - the application opens on November 17th.  Priority application deadline is January 12th.

All students interested in attending the Delaware Area Career Center must submit an application and be accepted to the program.

Additionally, the Delaware Area Career Center will be hosting an Open House on December 7th.  

DACC's Open House is a great opportunity for sophomore students to talk with the DACC teachers, explore their campus and learn about the programs provided. 

In addition to the traditional programs for students to complete in their final 2 years of high school, there are a range of senior only 1 year programs.  Many of these take place from 2:45-5:00pm so that students who still need time to complete more core classes in their school day are able to take advantage of the hands-on training opportunities at DACC.  Examples of these Flexible Learning Options programs include: Pharmacy Technician, Nail Technician, App Development & Programming Technician, Healthcare Technician, Digital Design Techniques, and Facilities Pre-Engineering Technician.  Here is a brief video that introduces these opportunities.  All interested students are encouraged to attend the Senior Only Open House program on December 14th to learn more.

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