• Co-Curricular Eligibility

Co-Curricular Eligibility

EligibilityAll activities that represent WKHS outside of the school have eligibility requirements. This includes, but is not limited to sports, band, choir, orchestra ensembles, theater, Student Council, In-The-Know, and Mock Trial.  The minimum academic eligibility requirement is the successful completion of five, ½ credit* classes each quarter and the successful completion of five ½ credit classes each semester.  Eligibility is determined each quarter based upon the previous quarter’s grades.

Attached is a summary that explains eligibility academic requirements for students in Worthington.

*Please note that Wellness 4 Life (PE) and Global Scholars courses are only ¼ credit and do not count toward academic eligibility.

All students participating in College Credit Plus (CC+) classes, will need to obtain documentation from their course instructors to demonstrate adequate progress is being made in the class.  Please print this form, fill it out and have your professor complete their section and sign the form.  Students are responsible for returning completed forms to Mr. Todd in the co-curricular office by the last day of the quarter in order to remain eligible.

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