When Visiting Campus

Campus Tour SmallerThe college visit is one of the most important steps in the college search and selection process. They allow students to learn first hand about the educational programs, facilities, student bodies, and atmosphere.

Before making a visit, students should schedule an appointment by calling the school's admissions office. Some may also have online scheduling options. Whenever possible, make an effort to schedule your visit when the college classes are in session. If you will be missing a school day at WKHS, be sure to notify the attendance office in advance of your college visit.

When visiting campus:

1. Arrive on time so you make a good impression and don't miss valuable information.

2. Take a scheduled campus tour to see all of the facilities, including the dorms. Listen to the tour guide's comments and ask questions.

3. Participate in the information session hosted by the admissions office. This will help you to identify areas of focus and strength for the university.

4. Talk to students. They are a wonderful source of information about their college.

5. Visit one or more classes - at least one in your intended major. Talk with a faculty member if possible.

6. Take notes as you go. Pay close attention to the overall environment, the facilities, the teachers, the size of typical freshman classes, the living conditions and the student body.  (Jotting down impressions of what it seemed like to YOU is more important than the facts - you can gather that from the website.  You may need your thoughts to help you in the future as you respond to "Why this college" essays as well as keeping the various campuses straight in your own mind.)

7. Read the campus newspaper and look to see what is posted on the community bulletin boards as a means of finding out about current campus issues.

8. Eat in a dining hall, not only to get a taste of the food, but also to get a candid view of the students.

9. Ask questions! Also be sure to ask questions of yourself - the most important question being, "Could I be happy and successful here?"

10. Some colleges offer the opportunity to spend the night in a dorm - check into this option if you are interested.

This sheet may also help you when visiting campus.

Keep in mind that the college search process is a two-way street. While the Admissions Office has to decide whom it will admit, you have to decide which college is best for you. Going to college is an important investment in your future. You should prepare for your campus visits by deciding in advance which factors are the most important to you in selecting college. During your visit to the college, make sure that you ask all of your questions and that the responses satisfy your inquiry.

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