Virtual College Visits

college tourWhile campuses are shut down, colleges are relying on virtual campus tours to allow students the chance to see and experience all that is available on campus.  The first place to look for virtual tours is each college's website.  There are also websites that feature multiple campus visit experiences so that students can compare them in one place.  Below are a few websites with information about what students can find on them related to virtual visits. - Campus Reel is most like actually being on a tour because it is student led videos. Students have to create an account with email shared in order to access this free site.  The website features videos for lots of campus/classroom dynamics at each school.  Students are doing the videos...even taking bathroom tours.  The colleges are grouped by type or search engine and there are videos on each component. - YouVisit is a free website and students do not need an account to access it.  This website features 360 degree photos in succession that mimic ‘movement’ through the campus with a voice overlay explaining what they are seeing in the photos. - eCampusTours is also a free site that does not require an account.  This website features 360 degree photos for each ‘point’ on the campus tour, but does not include videos.  There is still useful info and photos that students can select and then look around from that area of interest on the campus.

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