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Arranging College Visits

Come Visit SignStudents and their families are highly encouraged to visit post-secondary schools to assist in college decision making. Seeing a campus firsthand is a crucial experience when narrowing down your college choices. It is beneficial to see the campus and facilities, observe the students, and to go on a structured tour with a guide who will be able to provide a plethora of information about the school.

Contact the admissions office at the school ahead of time to sign up for an information session and tour. You may be asked to sign up for a specific date to receive these services.

Students should consider the potential implications of missing classes when scheduling college visits. When possible, students should work with their teachers ahead of time to complete assignments. Parents must notify Student Services of the student’s absence.

During the information sessions, gather information about college costs, school calendars, career planning services, transportation options, student activities, etc. Do not hesitate to ask questions. A list of questions is also posted on this website to for your convenience and to give you an idea of what you should be looking for on your visit. Admissions officers are trained to be knowledgeable. Admissions officers can advise you on how to schedule individual appointments with financial aid officers, disability service providers, and professors in specific majors. Bring along a copy of your unofficial transcript (can access in the reports section of Infinite Campus) to share with admissions officers. This helps the counselor advice the chances for admission and merit scholarships. Campus Tours generally are led by students and are a great source of information about a post-secondary school’s programs, facilities, and student life in general. Often, a typical dorm room is part of the tour along with the student union, recreation hall, library, and academic help/computer services.

If notified far enough in advance, the admissions officers may arrange for you to sit in on a class and talk with the instructor(s) afterwards. Again, never hesitate to ask the admissions office staff for any help you may need in the post-secondary school selection process.

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