Transcript Requests

RequestTranscriptTranscripts must be requested through the Transcript Request Form. Parents who do not want to allow their students to submit transcript requests have the option of Opting Out using the attached form.  Parents would then be required to come to school to give permission for each transcript to be sent on their son/ daughter's behalf.  In order to release a transcript, the student must indicate on the form each individual college/ scholarship for which they are granting permission for their transcript to be sent.  Please complete the Transcript Request Form at least 10 school days before your deadline.  Students and parents can see an unofficial copy of their transcript by logging into the Reports Section on Infinite Campus.

When you are ready to request a transcript, fill out the Transcript Request Form. Your transcript will then be sent electronically to your selected college. If you need an official transcript for someone other than a college, it may or may not be able to be sent electronically. In those instances, an e-mail to the contact or a hard copy of your transcript can be provided. All hard copies will be in a sealed, stamped envelope. Please do not open the envelope or the transcript is no longer considered official.

Some schools utilize the Common Application or SendEDU, in these cases, you will request your transcript in the same manner, but you will also need to submit the electronic invitation through Common App or SendEDU to your counselor. The transcript will be uploaded to that programs website for submission after you have completed these steps. 

Please allow for at least 10 school days for transcript processing.

WKHS alumni must request their transcript through Parchment.  More information for alumni is on this page.

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