Holistic Review

evaluating college applicationsColleges are going to be looking at you as a whole and will take several factors into consideration when evaluating your application and determining your acceptance into their institution.

Factors include:

High School Performance

  • Are you participating in a four year college prep curriculum?
  • How are you performing in your courses? ( GPA/class rank)
  • What trend can they see in your grades? (For example, Strength in a single content or can they see an improvement from freshman to senior year)
  • What is the rigor of your curriculum?
  • Competitiveness of high school

College Entrance Exams (ACT and SAT)

  • Help to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  • May be used for placement
  • May be used for scholarship amounts awarded
  • May not be weighed as heavily if high school record is strong

Co-curricular activities

  • Demonstrates commitment to school and contribution to school community
  • Never replaces academic preparation and performance
  • Consistent involvement and leadership important


  • Consistent involvement
  • Demonstrates contribution to community
  • Impact on student and/or community
  • May lead to special scholarships

Other factors

  • Legacy—Did you have family attend institution
  • Diversity
  • Religious affiliation
  • Special talents
  • Interviews
  • Institution will be asking how you fit their program? Their community?
  • Will be asking how can this student contribute to our college/university?

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