Coalition Application

coalition logoThe Coalition Application is another application platform that a range of colleges utilize to allow students to apply to multiple colleges with one joint website.  Although not as many colleges utilize the Coalition Application as you will find with the Common Application site, it has been growing since it was introduced and is an option some students will find as they work on their applications.

Here are some things you might be interested in knowing about the Coalition Application:

- Once registered students will have an electronic "locker" where you can store and save resources and information such as essays, projects or other matierals you might want to have as a reference later when working on your college application.  The locker is something you can share with your parents, teachers or counselor.

- Colleges that use both the Coalition Application and the Common Application or their own individual application options assure you that it does not matter which application you utilize to apply to their college - all will be treated the same

- Students can create a Coaltion Account beginning in the freshmen year and start adding resources to their locker at that time.  To create a profile you can visit:

The website is

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