Final Transcripts

collegeboundsignAll senior students were asked to indicate where their final transcripts should be sent as a part of the Mandatory Graduation Questionnaire that was filled out indicating, among other things, who you wanted to have as your diploma presenter, any scholarships you had received, and where your final transcript should be sent.  If the college you indicated on that questionnaire has remained the same, then please be assured that as of June 4th, all final transcripts were transmitted to your designated colleges. Just like during the college application process, it can take colleges a few weeks to get all data updated on their end so that it shows on your college portals it has been received.

If you have changed your mind or were not sure where you would be attending at the time of completing the mandatory graduation questionnaire and now need to request for your final transcript to be sent, you can complete the Transcript Request Form and your transcript will be forwarded to your intended school.

If you participated in College Credit Plus classes, please be sure that you have requested your final transcript from your CSCC and/or COTC to be sent directly to your intended college.  Information about that process is linked here.

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