FAFSA Challenges

financial challengesWe know that there has been a lot of stress and concern related to the updated FAFSA form.  Below are links to resources and information that financial aid professionals have been providing to us so that we can help support your families in the process.  Please know that many colleges are adjusting their FAFSA completion deadline and some are even extending the decision date deadlines to help aid families in making the final college choice that will be a good financial fit along with a good academic and social fit.  We encourage families to reach out directly to the college financial aid offices if you have questions about those dates and deadlines.

National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) Financil Aid Resources Page

National College Attainment Network Resources and Challenges Page

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Resources for students and parents

Steps for submitting the FAFSA if your Contributor doesn't have a SSN

Letter from Ohio Association of Financial Aid Administrators to Counselors re: Delays & Implications

Enrollment Deadline Updates as compiled by NACAC


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