Upcoming College Reps Visiting WKHS

college interviewJuniors and seniors have unlimited opportunities to attend these sessions with teacher permission.  If a visit is scheduled during a time when you have a class, you should get your teacher's approval in advance of attending the information session.  You are responsible for all missed work and teachers are not supposed to excuse you from tests, quizzes and labs.  The Counseling Center secretaries will be able to give you a pass back to class after you have finished meeting with the college representative.

Freshmen and sophomores are also invited to attend the sessions with the college representatives, but are limited to participating in visits that take place during your lunch or Academic Prep periods.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet with the college admissions officers!

The complete list of upcoming college representatives visiting WKHS are listed on the right side of the page under "Upcoming Events."  By clicking on "View Full Calendar" you can see all a complete list of all of the upcoming colleges that will be visiting WKHS.

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