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    Worthington schools provides the opportunity for students to take classes during the summer in order to catch up on courses that a student has failed or to advance his/ her learning by taking classes for the first time.  All courses offered are featured on the Worthington Schools website and, for your convenience, registration will be completed online.  There is a fee associated with taking advance credit classes, but courses that students are repeating for credit recovery purposes will be offered free of charge.  (The parents of students who need to take courses through credit recovery will receive a personalized summer school registration email to be able to sign up for free.  If you cannot find the email, please contact your child's school counselor to request a new email be sent.)  Students who intend to take a course through summer school should sign up as early as possible so that you do not get closed out of a desired course.

    During the 2024 summersummer school will run from June 3 - June 27 and will be held at Worthington Academy.  Students will be in a session from 8-10 or a 10-12 time frame.  Students are asked to register ASAP to make sure you don't get closed out of a spot.  Transportation is available for free for any students who need it.

    We know that some families are unable to participate in Worthington's summer school program due to schedule and timing conflicts or because they want to register for multiple classes.  Students have the option of taking classes from any accredited school and transferring those credits back to Worthington after completion of the course.  It is important to understand that the grades from these transfer classes will be reflected on the student's transcript, however, they will not be calculated into the Worthington Schools grade point average.  Students are responsible for making sure that they provide a copy of their transcript back to WKHS so that the course can accurately be documented.  Unfortunately the counselors are unable to keep a complete list of all of the accredited schools who are offering summer school, but many local area school districts and online schools will offer summer school.  If students and parents are interested in non-Worthington summer school options, you are encouraged to search online for summer school courses to find accredited schools that will meet your needs.  The school we receive the most transcripts from each year is TRECA.  Their online registration for summer school opens in April and closes at the start of June.  

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    RequestTranscriptA reminder to all students who took College Credit Plus classes and will be moving on to college in the fall, you will need to request your transcripts directly from Columbus State and/or Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) in order for your new college to be able to evaluate your transcript and award you credits for completed classes.

    You will be able to request for your transcripts to be sent electronically.

    Please visit the appropriate college website to make the request:

    Columbus State: https://www.cscc.edu/services/registrar/transcript-request.shtml

    COTC: https://www.credentials-inc.com/tplus/?ALUMTRO011046 (Or go to COTC website and search Transcripts)

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    financial challengesWe know that there has been a lot of stress and concern related to the updated FAFSA form.  Below are links to resources and information that financial aid professionals have been providing to us so that we can help support your families in the process.  Please know that many colleges are adjusting their FAFSA completion deadline and some are even extending the decision date deadlines to help aid families in making the final college choice that will be a good financial fit along with a good academic and social fit.  We encourage families to reach out directly to the college financial aid offices if you have questions about those dates and deadlines.

    National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) Financil Aid Resources Page

    National College Attainment Network Resources and Challenges Page

    National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Resources for students and parents

    Steps for submitting the FAFSA if your Contributor doesn't have a SSN

    Letter from Ohio Association of Financial Aid Administrators to Counselors re: Delays & Implications

    Enrollment Deadline Updates as compiled by NACAC


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    WKHS Parents are invited to join the Counselors for our Lunch & Learn Series. Lunch Learn 2022

    Grab your lunch, join us on zoom, learn about that month's topic, and ask your questions.  We look forward to seeing you!  

    September 15th topic: Student Study Skills video and Slides

    October 13th topic: Searching for Scholarships video and Slides

    November 10th topic: Career Fit video and Slides

    January 19th topic: Understanding the Graduation Requirements video and Slides

    March 1st topic: Stress Management video and Slides

    April 12th topic: Understanding GPA video and Slides

    May 10th topic: Perfectionism

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