Dont ForgetAll students signed up to take a College Credit Plus course through Columbus State Community College during the Spring of 2022, must complete the following 2 forms. 

    Permission Slip

    Student Questionnaire

    These are new forms CSCC has created in response to updated legislation about CC+.  Hard copies of these forms are also available on the center island of the Counseling Center.  After completing the forms, please return them to the tray located on the center island of the Counseling Center.  Please note that one of these forms require a parent signature and that is still required even if you are 18 years of age.  These forms are required before you can be enrolled in the course and must be returned back to the counseling center by December 10th so that we can forward them to CSCC prior to the deadline.

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    deadline1Attention seniors with a January 1st college deadline: Remember the last day before break is December 21st. You need to request your transcipts by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th to have them submitted before the deadline!  You must also enter your request for your counselor through Common App by this date so that we have time to upload your information before we leave for break, as well.

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    holiday griefStudents who have experienced the death of a loved one are invited to participate in a Holiday and Grief Workshop on Thursday, December 16th during 2nd period.  Celebrating the holidays can be hard when someone loved and cared about is missing.  This brief one-time workshop will focus on ideas for how students can manage grief during the holiday season.  The workshop will provide positive ways to honor and remember loved ones while also still respecting the student's own feelings.

    Students are asked to RSVP to their School Counselor so that we can have enough materials for the activities for all participants.

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    resultsStudents who took the Pre-ACT will receive paper score reports along with an information booklet to help guide using the results.  The Pre-ACT will help students understand their strengths and weaknesses in the 4 areas of Math, Science, English and Reading.  Scores for each area will range from 1 to 35.  The composite score is the average score of the 4 subject areas.  Students will also notice a STEM score which is an average of the Science and Math results.

    The predicted ACT score is an estimate.  If students take on more challenging academic classes or improve their study habits it may help to improve the predicted score.

    The detailed results will help guide students to identify personal strengths and areas of weakness.  Of importance is recognition that the areas which are weaker are the greatest opportunities for growth.

    There is a section on student score reports which talks about achieving core - all WKHS students will achieve core before graduating because those standards align with graduation requirements.

    The college readiness benchmarks help show an indication of how likely students will be to be ready for college level work by the time they finish high school if their academics continue at the current pace.

    One of the most unique aspects of the Pre-ACT is the "Your Education and Career Journey" section.  In this section students and parents can look at the interests on the career map.  Shaded areas show student's indicated preferred work tasks.  This section also contains an area about interest and career fit which looks at the level of agreement between student reported interests and selected career area.  The profile of success component compares student Pre-ACT scores with those of students who are successful in college with that same major.  

    Some students may see "Region 99" as their interest inventory results.  This means that the student did not procide enough answers on the interest inventory of what was liked/ disliked in various tasks.

    The ACT program has a website of information where students and parents can search for additional information about career areas and specific occupation information.  Examples of information that can be found include work tasks, salary, expected growth, and entry level requirements.  This website is www.actprofile.org.

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