Want to get important announcements and information from the WKHS counselors sent directly to your phone? We know that sometimes students don’t always hear the morning announcements or see everything on the VIS, so we will text the most important announcements from the counselors right to students and parents!

If you would like to subscribe, send a text to 81010 with the appropriate code below:
For the class of 2020, text @wkhs2020
For the class of 2021, text @wkhs2021
For the class of 2022, text @wkhs2022
For the class of 2023, text @wkhs2023

Please note: This is NOT an actual phone number. The texts will be sent from a website, not a cell phone, so we cannot receive calls to this phone and will not receive texts that you send us. It is only used for us to send messages.

It is free for you to sign up for this, but regular text messaging rates apply through your phone company.