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Please contact your student's teacher or one of the assistant principals as soon as possible. Bullying is not tolerated, but often the problem persists because the adults are unaware of the problem. For concerns at the middle or elementary schools, please contact your student's teacher directly and/or the administrators of your school.

All students (grades 9 – 12) are assigned to a counselor based upon the first letter(s) of their last name.

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The bookroom is only staffed at the beginning and end of each semester. If you lose your book and cannot locate it in the lost and found area (located in student services) you can request an additional copy of the book, but you will be responsible for both books that you check out. Mrs. Donovan is the secretary you should see to request a book in the middle of the semester. You can locate her office in the counseling center.

Many students will receive paperwork from their insurance companies offering the opportunity for "good student discounts." These forms typically require a school representative signature verifying that you have met their requirements. If you receive one of these forms and believe that you meet their criteria, please stop by and see your counselor as we are more than happy to complete these forms on your behalf.

Work permit packets are available in the Student Services office at the front of the building. Students must turn in completed work permit paperwork to the Worthington Education Center on Wilson Bridge Road. All aspects of the packet, including physician signature, must be completed before the packet can be submitted.

WKHS alumni must utilize the online transcript request system. The base processing cost per transcript is $3.00 if sent electronically. The cost is $4.00 if you need a hard copy of your transcript. Normal processing time for your transcript order is 3 business days.

Current WKHS students are strongly encouraged to request transcripts by seeing your counselor in person. The cost for current students per transcript ordered in person is only $1.00. If current students elect to use the online request system the cost per transcript is $3.00. Please do not request any electronic transcripts for colleges which you are applying to using the Common App system.

Please visit to complete your request

If you are anticipating registering your child in the Worthington School district and he/ she will be attending Worthington Kilbourne High School, please contact our Registrar, Karen McDaniel, for clarification on steps, information required, and to set up an appointment time to meet with a counselor. Mrs. McDaniel can be reached at 614-450-6482.

At Worthington Kilbourne High School, we make every effort to maintain the most current contact information. If you change your e-mail address, phone number, or mailing address, please notify our secretaries so that they can update your information in the system.

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