College-Credit-Plus logo lo-res jan2015What is it?

College Credit Plus allows students in grades 7 - 12 to take courses and earn both high school and college credit.  The grades and credits earned appear on both the student's high school and college transcripts.  Students can earn up to 30 college credits per year.  (Maximum of 120 credit hours.)

Where can students take courses?

Eligible students can take courses at the high school taught by a high school teacher, at the high school taught by a college instructor, or at the college (online or live).  Students may choose to take courses in any combination of formats.

What does it cost?

There is no cost for the student to participate in College Credit Plus when the student is enrolled in a public college or university.  The high school and college share the cost for the course(s).  Students choosing to enroll in a participating private college or university might incur costs.

Key Resources:


Intent to Participate Form

Video Sign-off Form (needed if didn't attend presentation in person)Video Sign-off Form (needed if didn't attend presentation in person)

Additional Resources

Attached is a copy of the powerpoint slides about the Worthington CC+ classes..

Attached is a copy of the powerpoint slides about CC+ presented by OSU and CSCC.

Attached is a copy of the Worthington CC+ Handout provided at the information night.

Attached is a copy of a powerpoint developed by the State of Ohio to help explain CC+.

Attached is a statewide student guide about CC+.

More Information

All students interested in participating in College Credit Plus (CC+) must attend an information counseling session addressing the opportunities available through CC+ including the possible consequences and benefits of participation.

Any students interested in participating in CC+ who did not attend the information night hosted at WKHS still have an option to fulfill the participation requirement:

  • The presenters at the College Credit Plus Information night hosted at TWHS on Tuesday, January 28th authorized Worthington to record the presentation.  Students and parents can watch the video in it's entirety and sign off to verify that they have watched the complete session and understand all of the components designated on the intent to participate form.

I want to participate in College Credit Plus - what do I do next?

  1. All students interested in participating in CC+ must complete and return the intent to participate form which also verifies that the student and parent have participated in the CC+ information counseling session and understand the rules related to participating in the program.  This form is due no later than April 1st in order for students to have the opportunity to participate in CC+ during the following school year.  Please note, this is a state established deadline.  Due to the 2020 Coronavirus crisis, this date will be extended but we have not yet been notified of the new deadline.
  2. After indicating intent to participate to the school district, students must apply for acceptance at the college/ university of their choice.
  3. Upon acceptance to the college, students will take the admissions/ placement tests needed by their individual colleges.  Please note that CSCC is not currently open for placement testing due to the Coronavirus.  Check with the individual colleges for updates about their testing options.
  4. Students will work with their school counselor to adjust their course requests for next school year based upon their intended courses.  Please note that changes must be made within the confines of the master schedule.

Columbus State CC+ Consent Form

Columbus State Steps Chart

COTC Steps Chart


What are the course placement requirements to be able to enroll in a CC+ class?

Students are eligible to take most non-remedial classes as long as they have met the standards each college has established for enrollment into a course.