test-taking-tips-400x266WKHS is committed to helping all students to be successful in preparing for the ACT.  As a result, the administration has arranted a partnership opportunity with one of the parents, Dr. Sampath, of PrepAccelerator, to provide a free fast-paced crash course for interested juniors.  Below are details about the course opportunity.  All juniors were sent an email (to your school account) with information about the course, so if you are interested, please be sure to sign up using the link in your email!


For: WKHS juniors

When: January 15th 

What: ACT Crash course.  Students have utilized this course to improve their ACT performance. Juniors who are gearing up for the ACT in February 25th can benefit from this crash course.

Length: 5 hours (During the school day.  You will be excused from your classes, but are responsible for making up missed work.)

Content: For each of the ACT sections, we will rapidly work out and discuss retired ACT questions in a timed setting.

Bring: A calculator, pens/pencils, and a notebook. There will be no tables in the auditorium, so please also bring a sturdy clipboard. There will be a scheduled lunch break.

Complexity/Pace: This is a fast-paced, rigorous, and intensive group crash course. Dr. Sampath will analyze a variety of ACT questions from simple to complex.

Cost: FREE