College-Test-PencilsThe PSAT is the practice test for the SAT and the qualifying exam for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. This test will be administered here at WKHS on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

All junior students are strongly encouraged to take this test! The test will also be taken by all freshmen and sophomore students to help assess progress toward standards for college and career readiness.  WKHS will be operating on a late-start bell schedule so you will not have to miss class in order to take the test.

Juniors can register for the PSAT in the Counseling and Career Center beginning on Tuesday, September 11th through Friday, October 5, 2018. The cost for the test is $16.00 and payable by check preferred (made out to WKHS) otherwise cash must be the exact amount.

If students would like to practice and prepare for the PSAT, CollegeBoard and the KHAN Academy are offering a free supplemental practice tests. Information for this can be obtained online at and