Discipline MotivationIf we’re going to talk about the concept of “self-discipline,” we should probably talk about what it is.

Self-discipline is a quality we can develop that gives us the inner strength to do whatever NEEDS to be done… even when we’re “not in the mood,” “it’s boring,” or we’re “too tired.”

With the way things are right now (being home and away from school and friends) means that developing your self-discipline IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER.
It may feel way easier to just lay around, be glued to social media, watch a ton of television and tell yourself that “you’ll do stuff tomorrow, there’s no rush”… but this is risky.

Putting healthy stuff off “until tomorrow” becomes a habit… which means when tomorrow comes, you may just keep putting the healthy stuff off until sitting on your hind end and getting more stressed and anxious becomes your every day normal.

BUT… if you can push yourself every day to do small, healthy, smart things, you will
• feel better about yourself today
• stay ON TRACK to accomplish your long-term goals like graduating from high
• be able to jump right back into school and sports and the social flow when things get back to normal... which they will.

• Know that self-discipline starts from the moment you wake up
• Set your alarm (even though you may be tempted to try to sleep the day away)
• Eat something for breakfast
• Show up in all your virtual classes each day
• Designate 2 hours each day to complete assignments/read/write
• Designate 1 hour each day to be physical. Pushups, squats, leg raises… or join an online workout group (they’re everywhere)
• Designate a certain amount of time each day for social media

When there are “routines” we HAVE to follow, it can be easier to maintain good habits. We don’t have to think about or decide what to do with our time, we just do what we need to do.

School gives us structure and a schedule to follow every day, but now that we’re not HAVING to wake up to get to school… WE HAVE TO PUSH OURSELVES to do what we need to do.

There’s no magic to developing self-discipline… it’s as simple as thinking about the “healthy, smart thing” we should do… and forcing ourselves to do it.

So grab a piece of paper and a pencil, write out the things you need to do EVERY DAY that are good for you and your future… then over the course of the day, check the healthy actions off your list.


- Adapted from Seth Rockman, Woodburn Press