Recognizing that COVID has impacted everything and that “normal” isn’t our current reality, the WKHS Counselors are working to implement effective ways for student/ counselor communication. As students return to the building for hybrid, we will be unable to send passes to call for students. To accommodate this challenge, we are transitioning to using Remind for student/ counselor text messaging.

All students who have a cell phone number listed in Infinite Campus have received an invitation to their counselor’s grade level Remind class. We ask that students please accept the request. If a student did not receive an invitation or deleted it by accident, they can sign up by sending a text to 81010 with the appropriate code for their school counselor and their graduation class:

  Miss Abbott   Mrs. Gratz Mrs. Mann Mrs. Lord 
Class of 2021 @2021Abbott @2021Gratz @2021EMann @2021Lord 
Class of 2022 @2022Abbott @2022Gratz @2022EMann @2022Lord 
Class of 2023 @2023Abbott  @2023Gratz @2023EMann @2023Lord 
Class of 2024  @2024Abbott  @2024Gratz @2024EMann


If students are unable to send or receive text messages, please email your school counselor so that she knows to continue coordinating your communication through email instead.

Normal text messaging rates may apply through your phone company. Please note, this is NOT an actual phone number so while we can receive text messages through this account, we cannot receive phone calls and text messages will only be responded to during school hours.

So, how will this work? As students return to the building as a part of hybrid learning, the Remind texts will serve as the communication method between student and counselor. For example, your counselor may send you a text message through Remind to let you know that she would like to see you or you can text your counselor to let her know that you want to meet and she can respond to say if it is ok to stop down at that time or schedule a different time to see you.

In addition, your counselor is still available to meet with you virtually through Zoom or phone calls during your remote days. You can use Remind, Calendly or emails to arrange times to meet virtually with your counselor during your outside of the building learning days.

Rapid Assist Time. We know that sometimes students will have short, quick questions they want to ask their counselor. Rapid Assist Time has been designated to help meet that need. These virtual meetings will be held by your counselor on one of your hybrid remote days. There will be a waiting room through zoom and your school counselor will take each student in order just as if you were standing in line at her door to ask those quick questions that don’t need a full appointment slot or long conversation. The Rapid Assist Time will be from 1:30-2:30 and the zoom link is available for students on Schoology. Please refer to the list below to identify which day you can meet with your counselor for Rapid Assist Time.

  • Mrs. Mann: Monday
  • Miss Abbott: Tuesday
  • Mrs. Lord: Wednesday
  • Mrs. Gratz: Thursday

We hope you will pop in and take advantage of the Rapid Assist Time.