keep-calm-your-school-counselor-can-helpEven though we are out of the building, the WKHS School Counselors will still be available to assist you to the best of our abilities.  While we are not able to meet face to face, we can email with you, talk to you via phone and link you with outside resources. ** Please note these emails and calls with school counselors are not for emergencies.**


We want to share our plan so that you know how you can reach us for non-emergencies:

  • School Counselors will check their emails frequently throughout the school days during normal school hours.  
  • Important!!  Please make sure you check your school email regularly as that is our primary way to communicate with you.
  • You are welcome to email and ask questions or to email us in order to schedule an individual appointment time if you need to talk further.  We will work with you to find a convenient time to call. Please note these calls are not for emergencies.
  • We will also be utilizing the WKHS Counselor website to share updates and information with parents and students.  There are a lot of questions and not a ton of answers right now, but we will continue to work to get information for you and post it on the website to keep you informed.  We appreciate your patience through this whole process. (Additional information/ updates are listed below. Please scroll through the home page and links for more information including assistance, senior scholarship deadline adjustments, emotional health, testing changes and more.)

If there is an emergency during this time and you need to see or talk to someone right away, please talk to your parents or another trusted adult, call Nationwide Children's Hospital Crisis Hotline (17 and younger) at 614-722-1800, Netcare (18 and older) at 614-276-2273, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or you can reach out to the Crisis Text line by sending a text message to 741741.  (If you text “4hope” you should automatically be connected to someone in Ohio, but you can text anything - even just hello to get the conversation started.) If you are having an immediate emergency you can call 911. All of these options are available 24/7/365.  

We hope that you are not overly stressing about all of this information on Coronavirus, but we do hope that you are taking it seriously.  Remember that we care about you and your well being!  

WKHS Counselors

Brianna Abbott: [email protected] (Students with last names A-Fl)

Andrea Gratz: [email protected] (Students with last names Fm-L)

Erica Mann: [email protected] (Students with last names M-R)

Molly Lord: [email protected] (Students with last names S-Z)