Emotional HealthTaking care of your emotional health is critical especially when faced with the difficult circumstances we are now experiencing. Being away from the structure and familiarity of your routines, like being at school and around your friends, can feel overwhelming at times. We know social distancing is good for our community, but it can be tough emotionally so we hope that this information can help you and your family as we all navigate the effects of the pandemic. It is important to be reasonable with yourself and to take steps to help support your emotional well-being.

Every day, try to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Something for your mind
  2. Something for your body
  3. Something for your family

Doing these will help you to know that you have accomplished something every day.

The WKHS Counselors have also put together a list of 25 ideas as a Bingo Challenge you can do to help support your emotional health. 

There are also many emotional health articles and resources being made available for free to the community. You may be familiar with the app, Calm, and they have released many free resources


In addition, we know that there are many students and parents who have various needs for assistance.  We have compiled a range of information and resources to help those who are in need of additional help as well as those who might be looking for ways that they can help others.

Remember, we are all in this together!