All Our ResponsibilityWe have gotten some emails from families both asking for resources and offering assistance to others. 

We know that there are many stressors and needs for students and parents during this critical time.  While we cannot guarantee that we can meet every need, we are here and willing to try to do all that we can to support you, free of judgment.  Please email us to let us know of the needs you might be experiencing.

You may have already heard that there is free food available to ALL students K-12 in the district.  Students or parents can pick up the free boxed breakfasts and lunches. The meals are available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00am - 1:00pm at WKHS. There are also deliveries of food happening at bus stops on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please follow this link for details.

There are also additional community meal resources that happen all year long.  Those details are highlighted on this page of the WKHS Counselor website. With the restrictions on gatherings due to the Coronavirus, we strongly encourage you to contact the meal providers to verify that they will still be available during this crisis.

Aside from physical needs, this is a very challenging time for many individuals emotionally.  If you are in need of emergency support, please refer to the phone numbers identified on the Coronavirus WKHS Counselor Response message above.  However, if you are looking to be connected with an outside counselor, you can utilize your insurance for approved providers lists, Psychology Today’s search tool, or the Ohio State University’s Community Provider Database search tool.

There are also a wide range of resources online from various agencies related to managing the stress or concerns related to the Coronavirus and to support families in talking openly about their concerns. Here is an example put out by the CDC. This is information put out by the National Center for PTSD. There are many more readily available with a quick google search.

We have also heard that Comcast and Spectrum are offering 60 days of free internet access for low income families and other groups and organizations are trying to find ways to help meet the needs which exist during this crisis.

The district is also maintaining a page on their website listing resources for more help and support.


If you would like to find ways to help assist others in Worthington, there are two key organizations spearheading outreach efforts that we are suggesting families contact:

The first is called Neighborhood Bridges.  


The other is the Worthington Resource Pantry.