announcementBeyond just not being at school, the Coronavirus is causing changes in a wide range of ways that may impact your academic and college plans.  For example, within WKHS, senior project had to be canceled as well as the trips overseas for this summer.  Below are articles and information about other changes which are taking place as a result of our world's current circumstances.


WKHS Class Expectations and Remote Learning:  All students should have information from individual teachers about their learning expectations during this time of remote learning.  Teachers may have shared information with you on the last day we were together face-to-face; or they may have it posted on other resources your classroom has typically used such as Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, Schoology, etc.  They are also going to be utilizing your student wscloud email accounts so please be checking that regularly. 

Many teachers have spent the last week working on learning and better understanding various technology resources to provide remote learning support to students that they will be sharing with you in the days and weeks ahead.  Students and parents with questions or concerns related to any of your classes and the remote learning expectations should email teachers directly at their wscloud email account.


Local Scholarship Deadline ChangesWe know there are many concerns.  Latest updates are posted at this link.


Changes to AP Testing for this year:  Information about this years tests include testing at home, no multiple choice questions, and additional study/ review information provided by AP instructors and College Board.  By April 3rd they anticipate posting specifics for each exam.


IB Testing Impact:  The IB Organization is aware of the concerns related to IB students and the effort toward earning an IB Diploma.  They anticipate a final decision on expectations for students and schools to be shared by March 27th.


College admission status related to Coronavirus:  Students can learn more about college updates related to Coronavirus at this one centralized resource.


April ACT and May SAT Canceled: It is important for any students considering taking the ACT or SAT in the spring or summer to register for next tests soon.  With one less testing date available, spots may be limited.  


College Credit Plus:  Many students plan on participating in CC+ next year.  Overviews of the program opportunities as well as deadline updates and testing information will be posted on this link.