Looking for information about Final Transcripts?

If you filled out the Mandatory Senior Questionnaire then you have already completed this step!  We will be sending the final transcripts in the early part of June to all of your colleges/ military branches.  If you did not complete this form, please complete it and we will send the final transcript to your intended location on your behalf.


Requesting CC+ Transcripts: Seniors who have participated in CC+ during their high school years will also need to request their CC+ transcript to be sent to their intended colleges.  


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!  You have finished high school and we are proud of you.  Join us in celebrating the members of the class by watching this video to help celebrate their last day of high school! 


Class of 2020

The WKHS staff misses the Class of 2020 seniors!  Check out this short video: