Goals 1We know that being stuck at home is a huge adjustment and finding things to do that are interesting and engaging can be a challenge.  We have compiled a list of ideas and resources that can help when you are feeling bored.

- Emotional health self-care Bingo Challenge:  The counselors have brainstormed ideas for your emotional health and well being. While couped up, please consider using these strategies. Your counselors want to hear from you – please email us pictures as you engage in any of these emotional health activities and as you earn a Bingo. For every bingo that students complete you will be entered in a drawing for a self-care basket prize. (Parents and siblings are encouraged to play too, but only current WKHS students will be eligible for prizes.)


- Career March Madness Bracket:  Do you miss filling out March Madness brackets for basketball?  Not sure about your career path?  Meet Career Madness Bracket including links to explore every career in the bracket.  Fill it out and let us know what career you declared the champion!


- YouScience Career Aptitudes:  Explore your own strengths and how they impact you and your future career choice through the 11 YouScience brain games.  If you don't have your password, send an email to your counselor and we will send you one.


- Calm app free resources:  Calm is a popular self-care app.  They have released many free resources that you can take advantage of during this crisis.


- Audible free Audio Books:  Audible is a resource that provides audio books.  Normally these are only available for a cost to those with a subscription, but during this time they have released many books for kids between 0-18 years of age.  Check out the books available and enjoy being lost in another world as you listen to the stories.


- Kaplan free ACT/ SAT review resources:  Even though the April/ May ACT and SAT testing dates have been canceled, you can still use this time to prepare for the tests later in the spring/ summer.  Kaplan has some free review resources on their website for sudents to access.


- PrepAccelerator Free Online Prep Course:  On Saturday, March 28th from 1:00- 5:30pm a free ACT Crash Course will be offered online for interested high school students.


Explore courses offered free online:  There are a range of Ivy league college courses highlighted there including Yale's popular class on being happier (which is what this article links you to directly) that you can explore.  No credit will be earned, but it is a great personal development opportunity.


- Learn Sign Language:  If you have been watching the Governor's press conferences chances are you have also focused some on the sign language interpreters.  This free resource allows students to use videos to help learn sign language on your own.


 - Keep a reflection notebook, add pictures, or journal about this pandemic experience.  You are living through history that will be talked about throughout your lifetime.  Having details of your thoughts, feelings and experiences will be interesting and valuable to share with your future generations.