Many of Worthington Kilbourne High School's advanced courses require students to extend their learning in the summer months.  By completing assignments and engaging with introductory course material, the class is able to immediately engage with content upon the return to school.  Below is a complete list of all of the summer assignments students taking these assignments are expected to complete during the upcoming summer.  The summer assignment can be accessed by clicking on the course title.  (All classes with summer work are listed below so if you do not see one of your advanced courses listed, you can assume that there are no summer assignment requirements for that class.)

Please plan ahead to make sure you can complete your summer work before returning to school in the fall.  This planning calendar can assist you.

Any students who decide they no longer wish to take an advanced course for the upcoming school year have until June 15, 2016 to notify their school counselor of their level change request.  After June 15th, the students are responsible for their summer assignments and the grades for their summer work will carry with them to their new class should students request a change beyond the deadline. 


Honors English 1 (Part 1) and Honors English 1 (Part 2)

Honors English 2

AP English Language

AP English Literature (Part1) and AP English Literature (Part 2)

IB English Y1

IB English Y2



AP Calculus AB/ COTC Math 200 (Part 1), AP Calculus AB/ COTC Math 200 (Part 2) and AP Calculus AB/ COTC Math 200 (Part 3)

AP Calculus BC

IB Math Y2 HL 



AP Biology/ IB Biology

AP Chemistry  (Additional supplemental resources for this class are needed, but are not available online.  Please pick up from the WKHS Counseling Center.)

AP Physics 1 (Part 1), AP Physics 1 (Part 2) and AP Physics 1 (Part 3)

AP Physics 2 


Social Studies:

AP US History

AP Government


Global Language:

AP Spanish

AP French

AP Latin (part 1) and AP Latin (part 2)

IB Spanish Y2 

IB Latin Y1

IB Latin Y2 


Other Courses:

AP Art Studio 2D (part 1) and AP Art Studio 2D (part 2)